Here you can see the ongoing progress on several of our past and current projects. We suggest visiting the homes in person to get a first hand look at our work and to discover the potential for rennovating your Victorian home.

Queen Ann Victorian Rennovation

We have completed numerous rennovations to both the exterior and interior of this Queen Ann Victorian.


Located in historic Woodland California, this is one of four homes we have restored or had the pleasure of working on in this neighborhood.

This project included restoration of a wrap-around porch and stairs, detailed woodwork and re-creation of columns, posts and balusters. As we move inside the home, you will see rennovations to the parlor, dining room, an addition of a central fireplace, detailed woodwork on the fireplace mantel, a complete kitchen update and restoration, and a bathroom overhaul. Future plans for this home include the construction of a carraige-house style garage and great room addition.

Please contact us for a up-close look or to discuss how we can help you with the rennovation of your Victorian home!

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Case Study 2

As an expert in the rennovation of vintage homes we have been contacted by a Woodland California homeowner to perform work on this Tudor-style home.

Case Study

Please visit back often to see the progress of our complete Kitchen expansion and rennovation.

Over two decades old, the current kitchen does not meet the needs and modern lifestyle of the current homeowner. Sun Dome builders plans to expand the footprint of the kitchen space, introduce new cabinetry, countertops, and update all appliances.

Call us today and meet with our design team so we can help you plan and build your dream kitchen.

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Case Study 3

Not every project has to be a complete rennovation or overhaul. Numerous homeowners approach us for detail work and small projects such as the work performed in this 1923 California Mission home.

Case Study

Sun Dome builders helped this homeowner replace a damaged kitchen sink and installed a dishwasher unit.

From the small project to the most complex restorations, trust the experts at Sun Dome builders to treat you as if your home is our own.

Please contact us for any small restoration or construction projects for your Vintage-style home.

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Case Study 4

The major work done on this Victorian home was the complete overhaul of the foundation.

Case Study

100 years of age, settling, water damage and deterioration of brickwork led the homeowner to contact the experts at Sun Dome for help.

Sun Dome brought in our team of structural engineers, craftsmen and foundation repair experts to completely overhaul and repair this foudnation. We begain by removing the old brick foundation and replacing it with modern concrete. We were also able to salvage the old fireplace footing and re-enforce the main body of the vintage-era chimney. We removed a load-bearing brick wall that spanned the the length of the house replacing it with a plywood framed shear wall. Aside from the aesthetic improvement, the safety of this home was greatly improved. View testimonials of our past clients by clicking here.

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