Exterior4 Sun Dome builders is a family owned custom design home builder with over 20 years experience in home building and rennovation. We specialize in the construction, repair and remodeling of Victorian era homes. Our service region is Yolo county, Sacramento county and the greater Sacrametno region including Sacrameno, Woodland, Davis, Dixon and outlaying areas.

We have provided beautiful Victorian home remodels and repair services with value and distinction to area home owners. As a family construction business, we offer you our dedication, experience and reputation insuring that you will enjoy the potential of your Victorian home.

  1. Foundation repair & replacement -- One of our most sought after specialties is the repair and replacement of foundations for your Victorian home. We specialize in the integration of modern construction techniques to repair and replace old and deteriorating foundations.
  2. Updating Interior Spaces & Floorplan -- Typical Victorian home architecture does not allow for open spaces and large gathering areas in the design of Kitchen and family rooms. Let our experts convert the interior spaces of your Victorian home to match your modern living tastes. We specialize in the rennovation of kitchen spaces, bathrooms, adding fireplaces to center of homes, making rooms larger or re-configuring them completely.
  3. Stained Glass windows -- Let our old world craftsmen bring the beauty of stained glass into your Victorian home. Each handcrafted piece is a unique work of art and makes a tremendous effect, giving fabulous beauty to your home.
  4. Woodwork -- Master carpentry and old world craftsmanship can best describe our approach to interior and exterior woodwork for your Victorian home. Our services include everything from trim, mouldings, stairs, railings, to finished detail work for the exterior and interior of you home. If your Victorian is in need of an overhaul for your grand staircase or entryway, consider the craftsmen at Sun Dome builders.
  5. Bathrooms -- Let the experts at Sun Dome builders bring the latest innovations and bathroom systems into your home. We specialize in the complete overhaul and updating of bathrooms to the detailed woodwork and glasswork involved in remodeling the interior spaces of Victorian era homes.
  6. Kitchens -- Work with our designers to transform your Victorian era kitchen space into a functional, modern kitch that lets you enjoy the beauty of your Victorian home without sacrificing modern convienences.
  7. Roofs & Widowwalks -- One of our specialties is roofing work for Victorian era homes. Removing and repairing 100-year old roof shingles and coverings for widowalks is not for the feint of heart! Let our experts install a new roof to protect your beautiful Victorian home.
  8. Carriagehouse -- Historically, Victorian houses often had carriage houses in their side yards, and these buildings were often less ornate than the main house. Let our experts extend the vision of your Victorian home to details such as the rennovation or building of Carraige houses.
  9. Landscaping -- Let our experts create your dream backyard and exterior space from iron fencing to ornate wood fencing, to the complete design and implementaion of a landscapeing plan.
  10. Plumbing Electrical & Mechanical -- Many Victorian home owners are faced with the problems inherent with 100 year old plumbing and electrical. Let our experts replace your sewer pipes, clean up your electrical systems and incorporate modern copper piping within the structure of your home. Do you still have your 1930's furnace in the basement??? Let us help.


Sun Dome builders specializes in the construction and renovation of Victorian homes throughout Yolo county and the Greater Sacramento region.


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