When one thinks of Victorian homes, Queen Anne style usually first comes to mind. This flamboyant and highly decorative style became fashionable in the 1880s and remained popular until 1910.

Although easily recognized, Queen Anne style is not easily defined. The main characteristics include asymmetrical design, intricate decorative woodwork, prominent porches, a steep roof with projecting gables and rambling floor plans. One of the most prominent characteristics is the corner tower or turret, although it is not always on the corner, and sometimes not present at all. The facade is made of a combination of materials such as brick, wood or stone, and often decorated with shingles and clapboard. The degree of ornamentation distinguishes the high style from the vernacular, with the more modest single-story versions often referred to as Princess Anne.

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Interior The most popular style of architecture prior to the Victorian era was the Greek Revival. This style was used almost exclusively for public buildings where simplicity and dignity were considered
the most important attributes. By the 1840s the Greek style was no longer fashionable for a private residence. Its popularity had waned about the time Victoria became Queen. Many early cottages were built as summer residences only, with no insulation, yet the underlying surfaces were of solid construction. Architects and builders often submitted alternate designs for a house where the floor plans were identical, and only the facades varied. But when frame construction came along, houses were built quickly and ornate details were added later. Many early homes had neither kitchens or bathrooms. As is typical of these early homes, additions often house the kitchens and baths.
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Defining characteristics of Queen Anne homes:

  • Corner tower
  • Dormers
  • Scalloped and shaped shingles
  • Iron roof cresting
  • Sunburst detailing
  • Turned spindles
  • Elaborate porch
  • Conical roof
  • Multiple gables

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